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Just as the night has become an extension of the day time.

Dynaco Company

Facade lighting, LED video screens and lighting in general has become so much more than just increase our daytime by artificial means. With LED technology reaching a mature state for color and controllable lighting, we can now achieve anything from enhancing architectural features and textures to setting different moods and atmospheres. Lighting will become part of future architecture and interior design, just as the night has become an extension of the day time.

About Dynaco

Dynaco Company

DynaCo is company focusing on advanced lighting solutions and displays for customers who only require the best. We are dedicated to provide the best design supported by installation / construction teams with decades of experience working with the most demanding luxury brands from across the world...

Our Commitment


DynaCo can be involved in earlier stages of the design, so that we can help integrate the lighting solutions with more precision and reliability. We can work together with our customer's design teams to come up with innovative solutions to match their creative designs. With lighting solutions becoming more complex, a complete integration is critical to achieve the best results, as envisioned by the designer / architect.


In addition to helping with design integration and product supplies, DynaCo also does on site and off site installation, working together with contractors and manufacturers to ensure the lighting and display equipment is properly installed. Testing and commissioning will also be provided for all projects, based on technical requirements from the customer. Together with the architect / designer, we can write programming to suit the final image.


By providing only products from larger international brands (Philips, Color Kinetics, etc.) we can ensure optimum reliability with the necessary back up in after sales support. We understand that our customers require to maintain their impeccable image, day in day out, so reliability is taken into account from design phase to realization to after sales.

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