With LED technology reaching a mature state for color and controllable lighting.

Our Services

With LED technology reaching a mature state for color and controllable lighting, we can now achieve anything from enhancing architectural features and textures to setting different moods and atmospheres.

Lighting Supply

By providing only products from larger international brands (Philips, Color Kinetics, etc.) and long term fixed business partners, we can ensure optimum reliability with the necessary back up in after sales support. We understand that our customers require maintaining their impeccable image, day in day out, so reliability is taken into account from design phase through realization to after sales.

Lighting Design

We provide lighting design services for a wide range of projects for both retail & hospitality clients. We combine the understanding of how light works within the environment with our knowledge of lighting fixtures and control systems to establish our designs. We tailor our services to suit the requirements of each project we are involved with. Our design services carry through from project concept creation all the way to project completion.

Lighting Installation

In addition to helping with design and product supplies, DynaCo also does on site and off site installation, working together with contractors and manufacturers to ensure the lighting and control equipment is properly installed. Our experienced team delivers straightforward solutions for your specific requirements and preferences.

Testing and commissioning

Testing and commissioning will also be provided for all projects, based on technical requirements from the customer. Together with the architect / designer, we can write programming to suit the final application.


Whether you're in charge of maintaining office buildings, retail stores or other locations, we can handle all aspects of your lighting maintenance. You can choose a regularly scheduled maintenance program or reach out to us on an as-needed basis. We can also schedule night surveys of your exterior lighting to ensure proper functionality.

Lighting Audit

With the help of our lighting audit services you can custom tailor your lighting audit to meet your needs. Our audit report contains all detailed information for our customers to verify their existing lighting installations or to help them choose more energy efficient solutions. Work with our standard content or discuss with our team to have a custom report specific for your situation.

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